October 5, 2007

Five Years

Today is Mr. Clean and I's 5 year anniversary. We've been married 5, been together for 7 and known each other since 5th grade. When we were in 5th grade and going to CCC we never really hung out. I thought he was a spoiled Pastor's Kid and wanted nothing to do with him. Then we moved to the youth center and we talked once in awhile but I still didn't think too highly of him. My family moved to New York.

Well after moving a few more times, I decided to go to Elim Bible Institute in Lima, NY. I was home for a break and my parents were having a picnic at their house. Bob and Zory Klinger were coming and forced Mr. Clean to come after he got off of work. My parents had told me that Mr. Clean was coming and I had brought a friend from school and wanted to play match maker for them.

Mr. Clean came to the picnic and we all hung out and then he left. My friend told me that he was staring at me the whole time. I said, REALLY?" My guy friend Brad was at the picnic and him and Mr. Clean were talking about cars so I told Mr. Clean I would email Brad's number to him when I got back to school.

We started emailing and calling and after a few months we started dating. I came home from school and a year after we started dating he proposed. He took me horse back riding and then we had a picnic lunch. After we ate he proposed and of course said yes.

It hasn't always been easy but it has been a fun journey that I wouldn't want to take with anyone else. Mr. Clean is my best friend and I wouldn't trade him for the world.

Thank you Lord for blessing me with a husband who loves you, fears you and runs after you! Thank you for the strength he is to this family, for the father he is to Laney and the man of my dreams! He is my prince charming!


Melissa said...

You are such a cute couple!

Happy 5 years....it just keeps getting better! :-)

The Gang's All Here! said...

I cannot believe it's already been five years. I remember watching the two of you at the reception, thinking how incredible it was that you "found" each other after all those years of knowing each other. What a great story! Enjoy your celebrations!

Plain and Simple said...

Happy Anniversary!!!!

I loved hearing your story! It made me giggle.

Love you guys!

Not-So-Classic Husband said...

Happy Anniversary. I never knew the story of how the two of you met. Thank you for sharing!!

Promises Fulfilled said...

I enjoyed hearing your story again - I remembered part of it from our premarital class that we were in!

Congrats - you make a great couple!

TCC said...

Awwwww...you are so cute!

Happy Anniversary!

On Fire For Jesus said...

Okay, Happy Anniversary.

BUT .... is that a ticker up there for another one along the way?!!!


The Gang's All Here! said...

Yeah, seriously! You put another ticker up and never post about it? Come on girl - you gotta give us more than that. :)

Congratulations - we're all doing the happy dance for you guys here :)