October 28, 2007

Baby #2 update

On Friday Mr. Clean and I ventured to the Doctor's office for my 1st Appointment. I have to say I was not prepared for all the paperwork. Shouldn't they have all of that on file? Anyways, i met the new Midwife and I LOVE her. She is great and so down to Earth. I felt so relaxed and comfortable with her.

Well, Baby is looking good! The heartbeat was around 150 and baby was wiggling the whole time. It was so fascinating to see our little baby on the screen moving and watching the little heart beat so fast. I didn't think I would still be in awe with this being #2 but I am. I still find it hard to believe that a human being is growing inside me. That amazes me. I know men think they are lucky not having to go through the whole being pregnant and birthing but I totally disagree. They miss out on the movements, bonding and I might be alone on this one but the birth. I LOVED giving birth with Laney Bug. I loved the whole thing from start to finish. Yes it was painful but I remember praying and asking God to give me fond memories. That the pain wouldn't outweigh the joy of it all.

I am looking forward to all the adventures of this pregnancy and even the birth!


Melissa said...

I can relate to enjoying the birth process, but only with #2. It was wonderful, short and by far the least painful of all 3 labor and deliveries. #3's was totally the opposite, thus my decision to schedule The Husband for some minor out-patient surgery a few months later at the urologist, if you get my drift.....

But, I must admit, it was a wonderful feeling with all of them to be pregnant and know that I had a little baby inside me! I was in awe most of the time!

Naomi said...

how i love you! yay for this baby #2!
i am so excited to be a part of it by watching your belly grow and hearing all about it.

Hands-Free Heart said...

So glad for you!!! I loved being pregnant. You're not alone, I loved the birthing too, for both of my children (and yes, it was painful). I'm so full of celebration everytime I learn that someone is pregnant. May you enjoy this pregnany and birth ever as much as you did with Laney!

Mama Keller said...

Awesome! I'm so excited.. I share your love of the birth.. can't wait to do it again.. amazing!! So glad the midwife is wonderful.. Guys are truly missing out.. wish they could experience even a portion of the miracle we get to experience.. But I guess God knew what he was doing.. gave this task to the one who could handle it.. haha..