April 20, 2011

The early bird DOES get the worm!

Due to some financial set backs...we are down to one vehicle until Dan's car gets fixed. With that said, preschool days are a little tricky. If no one can pick Dan up then I must get up early and get all 3 kids up and out the door to take him. Today was one of those days. I am not complaining because I haven't had to do this very often. What makes today different is that I have learned a few things I never knew and saw some pretty funny things this morning!

1. I can survive without coffee...BARELY but it can be done!
2. Noah wakes up VERY early because at 5:50am this morning he was wide awake and scared the sleepiness right out of me!
3. I have really good "second day hair"
4. people drive fast in PA when they are late for work...not complaining I actually like this!
5. McDonald's makes a mean breakfast for kids who eat like grown men
6. It's only 10am and i have 2 loads of laundry done, floors cleaned, dishes done, and beds made!
7. I saw 2 ground hogs mating this morning and had to explain to Laney that they were snuggling because they were cold...I'm sorry but 6:15am is too early to explain animal mating to a 4 year old.
8. A sign at a church read: My sins are washed away by the ultimate blood donor!

Alright enough blogging...I must get back to being super mom ;)


Anonymous said...

#1. Amazing. Hard to believe - but I suppose anything is possible. ;)

#4. Yeah - we do.

#5. Eww....

#6. that's what early mornings are for.

#7. nice.

#8. sometimes those church signs are so helpful. (sometimes they just make me cringe and laugh). I was behind a truck after a particularly not good day. It had a bumper sticker that said "Jesus loves you". It was reassuring.

Now, go have some coffee.

The Gang's Momma! said...

hahahahahahahahaha - so impressed that you can battle through all that and still be funny. love you, girl!

TCC said...

Love it! You rock girl!

Have a glorious day today.

Uniquely Me said...

Enjoy being super mom! #7 made me LOL!

Emily said...

Soooo, are you going to continue getting up that early?

Promises said...

You are pretty amazing! Sometimes I think about how much I could get done if I woke up before the kids...but lately it just has not happened!

I also wonder the same thing as Emily - will you continue doing this? ;)

Krazy Klingers said...

well...this is the third day I have woken up early and I am addicted!!!

Classic Mama said...

This reminds me of the old army commercial: We do more before 6AM than most people do all day! :)