February 17, 2011

I actually did it!

Ok don't laugh but my dad bought me a sewing machine for my 24th birthday. I know...it's a weird gift for someone who has never shown any interest in sewing or anything domestic. So I said thank you and stored it in my basement for the past 7 years neatly tucked away in it's box.

Another true story...I asked my wonderful hubby for an apron from Pier One for my birthday but he forgot. It's not any apron...it's funky and colorful and cool and I love it. So I decided since he forgot and I couldn't justify spending $25 for it, that I would sew one. Yep sew one...the girl who never took her sewing machine out of the box and didn't even know how to thread a sewing machine.

Thanks to T-Rizzle (my moms new nickname) I have learned how to thread my machine and also how to somewhat use it. I am now the proud owner of my own funky cool apron...and I didn't even use a pattern...what? Sorry I got a little carried away there and my fabulousity came out!

So now that I can rock a sewing machine...guess what everyone's getting for Christmas this year????


Tiffany said...

YOU ARE SO CUTE!!!!!!!!!! I love your apron!!!

TCC said...

I am beyond impressed. You are amazing and I think one of my heroes right now.