October 2, 2009

Our newest family member

Mr. Clean has bugged me more over the past 2 months to get a dog than ever before with anything else. He never had a dog growing up so when we got married and bought our house we bought a puppy. His name was Theo and he was our baby. He was a pit bull mixed with a Jack Russell...I know funny and weird mix but he was cute. He was the perfect pet and we couldn't have been more happy with our decision to get him. After about three years of having him...he had a seizure and so we took him to the vet and put him on medication. The seizures were controlled for the longest time but then the medication stopped working and he began to have episodes of weirdness. His eyes would glaze over and he would become distant and mean and then it was liek something would click in his brain and he was normal again.

We had to put him down about a year ago because his episodes became so bad he went to attack my nephew but the screen door stopped him. It was so hard seeing him moments before and seeing how happy and normal he was. But we knew how bad these were getting and the damage he could do.

Needless to say I was not wanting to get another dog right away but my persistent husband eventually wore me down. So we bought a Miniature Bull Terrier from a Texas breeder. His name is Dozer and he fits perfectly into out little family!


Drew said...

Aww it's bald, just like Dan!

Krazy Klingers said...

He has a little hair...just like Dan! lol

mishmash-a little bit of this and a little... said...

Amanda- he is adorable! i know you will enjoy him lots! haha and i know i said the same thing of Judah- my hubby will take care of him- well i am home w/ him all day so i take care of him and he follows me around all day- Dozer will be your little puppy dog too:)