August 10, 2009

Faith thru a fortune cookie????

My hubby and I have been walking through some pretty hard times. Without going into great detail... Financially, emotionally, physically, and spiritually. Mr. Clean is a man of faith...He always declares in a strong voice..."God will provide all we need!" so when he starts to crack under pressure then I know we are being attacked and it's not something to shrink back on.

We have been declaring God's promises to us and standing on His word but it has not been easy. Especially since everyone around us is seeing breakthrough and we are NOT. We then began to question our lives... do we have sin in our lives???? Is there an area in our lives that we need delivered from??? We began to seek God on these questions and yes there were things reveled to us that we took worked through but still no major breakthrough with everything else.

Then we decided to get Chinese food the other day and Laney and I love the fortune cookies so I opened it up and began eating the cookie and Laney asked me what was on the paper. So i read it to her..."Better things are yet to come"

Huh??? she danced off but I began to cry because faith rose up in my heart. I am still overwhelmed to say the least but I am beginning to stand back up....if you know what I mean.

I am not a person who lives my life according to fortune cookies BUT I do believe that it was a message for me from my papa and I needed to hear it!


Livin' Life said...

That reminds me of a song we sing at church....I think. I am so bad with songs but I am pretty sure it sounds similar. Take it as His promise!!!

Anonymous said...

Great Things.. :) God of this City is the song I think you're thinking of Livin'

THIS IS A GREAT POST Ms. Klinger! :) Thank you....