July 3, 2009


Ok let me just tell you that I never win ANYTHING! I am so not kidding either. Quick story...my dad every year gets us those scratch off lottery tickets and puts them in our stockings. I have never won...not even a dollar! My brother wins every time he gets one.

SO over at KNACK...a blog I follow...she was giving away soaps and I heart soaps! I love to set them out for our over-nighters and then let them take them home when they leave. Kind of like a souvenir from the Klinger's! HA! The other day I entered thinking these soaps are a must have and even considered just buying them instead of entering because I just never win anything. But I resisted and thought that I wouls enter anyway and if I didn't win I would jump on over there next week and purchase some lovely soap!

BUT I WON!!!!!!!! Jesus loves me and He so knew that I needed...oh I mean wanted those soaps!