September 9, 2008

She's not ready and neither am I

Yesterday afternoon I decided to try the potty with Laney. She has had a potty since Christmas and it sits in our bathroom collecting dust. Oh once in a while she gets me excited by asking if sh can sit on her potty or she will follow me into the bathroom and say, "I potty too mommy." BUT never has one drop of pee pee entered the potty.

So I decided that yesterday I would but her in "big girl underwear" and let her run around the house in them. We have hardwood floors so it would have been easy to clean up. So I gave her gallons of juice and milk and the waiting game began. I waited and waited and waited and nothing. I asked her a million times if she had to go pee pee in her big girl potty and every single time I got, "no mommy." I even bribed her with candy and still no pee pee. I gave up and went in to load the dish washer. In the middle of it Laney ran in and announced that she had pooped in her "big girl underwear" and then she said, "Can I have my candy now?"

Needless to say she is not ready and neither am I... but here are some pictures of her attempting to go on the potty.


Melissa said...

She'll thank you for taking these pictures one day. Just make sure when her friends come over for her Sweet Sixteen party you have some of these photos casually laying out on your coffee table!

She'll just love that.


Trish @ Another Piece of the Puzzle said...

She's got the important part down - always have reading material close by. :)