February 20, 2008


Ok, not to gross anyone out but I have a health/medical question.

I came home from work today and was changing into my comfies when I noticed a large mass of red bumps around my armpit. It's almost like the mass circles the pit. hee hee that sounds funny. They kind of look like pimples without the white head. And they are only on my right side.

I did try a new deodorant because my old deodorant was making my armpits itch. I go through that every time I'm pregnant for some reason. But if it was the new deodorant wouldn't it be on both sides? I am thinking that it has to be a chemical imbalance due to all the raging hormones. But if you can offer any advice I would love to hear it. Please tell me I am not the only freak with red bumps around her right armpit! hahaha


Natalie said...

I'm going to say you're the "only freak with red bumps around her right armpit" because I've never heard of that before. Maybe you could google that phrase and find other freaks, I mean women, who have had the same problem. Google solves all my problems.

The Gang's All Here! said...

heee heeee heeee - you crack me up!

But I would venture a guess that it's either an allergic reaction (which are not always "symmetrical", i.e., in both pits!) or irritation from shaving - both likely related to the changes in body chemistry with pregnancy.

Sorry for your discomfort, but thanks for the giggles :)